Greetings dear friend! I’m Evewynn Of Evenwood (Of is my middle name!) and I’m a fantasy Wizard and dicecrafter. I gather my spell components, wave my hand, and cast Polyhedral Dice for use in Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other such endeavors (and pastimes) of the creative kind!

I absolutely love trinkets (it may someday prove to be my downfall) and all things sparkly and magical. I often go wandering for spell components to use when I cast my dice. My favorite cantrip is Light and I love casting it for all I meet in hopes that it illuminates their way in times of shadow and darkness.

Outside of the realms of magic and wonder, you may also know me as Aron Jean. I’m an artist residing in Burbank, CA and I work for Walt Disney Imagineering. You can view my artwork portfolio at

May your travels prove safe, and always remember—

“The spell ‘Light’ is a Cantrip— cast it wherever you may go!”