D20 Singles Update

Hi All! I wanted to update on the status of D20 singles being made. I have a waitlist over 40 people long waiting on single D20’s and I’m currently working with my friend to create a shelf system for my pressure pot. At it’s most, I should be able to do in upwards of 30+ dice at once if I can make enough molds. I will likely be doing a combination of sets and singles. Right now I’m stuck curing 14 dice at a time due to space constraints so this should also help! :D

Did somebody say---- TRINKETS?

So I was playing around with materials and molds, and accidentally made a most beautiful trinket. Turns out the rest of you like them as much as I do! That said, I’m going to also work on casting trinkets as well as dice, as they are made out of similar materials. I’ve also been approached to do casts of crystal trinkets for cosplays, so I’ll start working on those too!

Work Continues!

Hello friends! I wanted to update you— I’m currently working on finishing up a project and I should be able to start contacting those on the waitlists to see what folks are interested in.

My hopes are to offer a balance of Single D20 commissions, Set commissions, and also produce a number of ready-to-go dice for sale to those interested in checking in on a store or auction.

Since these dice are handmade, I do my best to create something beautiful and as perfect as I can and they wont be produced as fast as I would wish. Hopefully I can find a nice balance to be able to allow as many folks to obtain dice from my workshop as I can.

Thank you for checking in, and I cast light for you!

Best Wishes


Dice Interest List Now Closed

Hello! The Dice Interest List that I opened up about two days ago is now closed so I can work on getting some projects finished. I’ll try my best to work through everyone on the list as time allows. I cannot guarantee it, but I’ll try my best!

I will also be working on a general sale of items that I make in advance that you will have a chance to shop for. I’m still working on getting things figured out and set up so stay tuned!


Welcome to the Workshop Bulletin Board!

Greetings travelers! I’ve set up this bulletin board for my workshop so you can easily get updates for what’s going on! I will be posting info here concerning the crafting of dice, as well as sales of said trinkets! Be sure to bookmark this bulletin board and check back often for the latest news!

Have a wonderful day, and I cast light upon you!