Are your handmade dice balanced?

Due to the handmade nature of the dice that I craft, I cannot guarantee they are truly balanced. When I test-roll them, in general they seem to be reasonably random in rolls. Your mileage may vary. When in doubt, as with all dice, be sure to ask your DM or GM if they will be accepted for table play. 

What to expect

What can I expect with handmade dice?

You can expect to have a special set of dice that are not likely to be seen elsewhere. This is because each set is handmade by me. Everyone who makes dice uses different materials and techniques, but in general, they tend to be pretty unique. I do my best to craft dice that are beautiful and as polished (or as finished) as I can make. Still, being handmade, they will have little things about them that make them unique. There may be slight variances in some corners, pigment or particle distribution, or marks of hand-crafting such as tool marks, sanding marks, or minor scratches. These aren’t necessarily considered flaws (though for the sake of it, you can call them ‘flaws’), and they give each handcrafted dice character. While my dice are not perfect, and they are not balanced, they still roll fairly random when I test them out. When you purchase handcast dice from my workshop, you’re purchasing something special and different from other dice— a craft from a humble wizard who seeks to do as best she can, and share the light with those she meets along the way.

If you’re looking for flawless polyhedral dice, handmade polyhedral dice will likely not be what you’re looking for.


How can I best care for my new dice?

As I always say, keep out of heat and direct sunlight for extended periods of time (don’t leave them in a hot car in the summer, etc. ) as I use a variety of materials in crafting and clear-coating dice and there’s a chance not everything will handle such heat well. 

I always store my handcrafted dice in a small zip bag and keep that in a soft pouch to keep them safe. I include both when I mail a set of handmade dice to you. 

Dice are sturdy but not invincible. I usually roll any dice I have, handcrafted or mass produced, on a small leather rolling tray. There are lots of styles of trays out there and I recommend using one to keep your dice looking nice. If you’re using metal dice, you will want to have a tray as those will chew up a tabletop. 

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away smudges. 

What if my polyhedral dice need touch-ups down the road?

If your polyhedral dice need touch-ups down the road, I’ll be glad to offer help if I am able to. If you have any questions about what to do, or how to proceed, feel free to contact me and we will see what we can do! Touching up the inked numbers is easy, and we can discuss other things like repairs or replacements of damaged pieces on a case-by-case basis. I love to troubleshoot and I will be glad to help in any way I can.

Down the road


What materials do you use to make the dice?

These dice are handmade with a number of collected materials. This includes natural spell components (such as crystals, pebbles, flowers, metals, and such) as well as otherworldly technological discoveries (such as resins, acrylics, colors, and nail polish). Each spell cast can vary and uses different spell components (ingredients) to cast.

With time and usage, your dice may age a little bit. This can include (but is not limited to) color shift (yellowing) as the materials used to craft these creations are varied, and include natural and synthetic materials. Keeping these dice safe in a dark, cool, and dry place can help keep them looking their best. If you intend to age them on purpose for a more rustic, handcrafted look, I would greatly appreciate hearing how/what you did with the dice so that I may document outcomes for future crafting. I love to learn, and share information!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are outside of the USA, I cannot mail dice containing any organic material to you. This is due to strict customs rules in countries beyond the USA. These rules are in place for a multitude of reasons including to prevent invasive species from entering the country (dice containing real seeds or dried flowers would be an example of this). I do hope you understand, and I can try my best to find an alternative option for you. I want to make sure you have something you love, that will safely make its way to you!


Is there anything I should avoid doing with the dice?

Please do not eat the dice. While they may look delicious, consuming the dice not only dispels any magics cast within or upon them, but it is also unhealthy and unsafe. That’s not cool. Please supervise younglings’ use of the dice, and please do not let any pets, children, younglings, familiars, fellow party members, puppets, or otherworldly creatures consume the dice. Please do not taste the dice either. This will also dispel the magics.

Other rules to consider include keeping out of direct heat (always) and out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Also, please do take care to not leave D4’s on the floor as those little things hurt like a bugbear if you step on them.

Additional Info

Each and every dice I craft is a piece of artwork. Due to the unique nature of each artistic piece, all sales are final. I do my best to accurately describe each and every piece to the best of my ability.

If you have any issues, please do contact me so that I may help as best I can. I’ve provided helpful information on the care of your polyhedral dice on this FAQ page, and I will be glad to answer questions.

Due to the limitations of digital cameras and the relative inconsistencies of various displays, monitors, and device screens, the colors you see on your display, monitor, or device screen may not be a perfect reproduction of the actual art piece. I strive to do my best and make the colors of each piece as accurate as possible. Photo images of the pieces (polyhedral dice) are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. In most cases, I will explain the lighting situations and how the dice colors can differ depending on surface and lighting situations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Do you have a mailing list?

Hi! As of right now, I do not have a devoted mailing list. I’m still trying to figure things out and the best place to get up-to-date info would be via the Workshop Bulletin Board or via my Instagram.