Trade Wishlist

Hello! Along with casting polyhedral dice, I love to collect these trinkets too! Here are the polyhedral dice & sets I am looking for. I will custom cast pieces or sets of dice in exchange for items on my dice wishlist! If you have something I’m looking for and are interested in trading, or have any questions, please contact me.

Current Wishlist


Chessex Borealis Confetti with Black Numbers - CHX LE669

The Chessex Borealis Confetti dice are the top trinket I’m searching for in trade. I am looking for a complete set, but I will also trade for single pieces for my collection.

There were a couple of styles of Chessex Borealis dice (Original Glitter Style) and the Confetti color were never updated with a new glitter style when they were discontinued a number of years ago. Trades are negotiable, but for a base trade, I am currently looking to trade a full set of Kosmos style (or a style of your request if it is possible) dice in your color choices, in exchange for each single die from the set. If you have all 7 pieces, I will cast 7 sets for you. Each of my sets will come with an extra D20 in the Evewynn Star style (Star on the 20 face) or the Standard D20 Style (your choice) so that you can roll advantage. If you have these dice for trade or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you kindly!

  • CHX LE669 D20 - NEEDED

  • CHX LE669 D4 - NEEDED

  • CHX LE669 D8 - NEEDED

  • CHX LE669 D10 - NEEDED

  • D12 -CHX LE669 NEEDED

  • CHX LE669 D6 (Numbered) - NEEDED

  • CHX LE669 D% - NEEDED